Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hi all! Here's the lost and found from Sunday's New England Autumn Feis:

* green & blue Vera Bradley bag full of make-up & hair items
* green water bottle with "Grand Canyon National Park" on it
* Cool Gera black & white skull motif resuable cup w/straw
* 1 small white poodle sock
* red sparkly soft headband
* woman's brown sunglasses
* child's Frozen bracelet
* Uno cards in plastic bag
* black Faded Glory (size L 12-14) cardigan

Please contact to claim any of these items! Thank you for attending!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Feis Menu

We have some healthy & delicious meal options planned for Sunday's Feis. For full details please open this PDF: Feis Menu 2015.

Some highlights include:

  • a healthy "Bag Lunch" which the kids will love: PB & J on whole grain, baby carrots & ranch, a cheese stick & Welch's Fruit Snacks, $4
  • Turkey Gobbler Wrap, $4
  • New England Clam Chowder, $4
  • Hot Meatball Sub, $3
  • Gluten Free Grilled Chicken Garden Salad, $5
Plus all the usuals: Bagels, cream cheese, muffins, donuts, Fruit Salad, yogurts, coffee, tea, cider, soda, waters, Sunny D, Gatorade, Pizza, Salads and More! 

We are also holding a bake sale right near the front entrance of the feis. 

PLEASE be very careful to keep your food items in Cafeteria or Outdoors. Please no food or drink in Gym or Auditorium. Thank you!

Venue Map now available

We are VERY excited about our new venue this year, Whitman Hanson Regional High. It is a lovely facility! Please help us take care of it by NOT bringing food or drinks into the Gym or Auditorium, and picking up after yourselves :)

The VENUE MAP is now available here:

List of Vendors

Hi all! Countdown to feis day is on! Here is a complete list of Vendors for our 2015 NE Autumn Feis: 

Mary Devlin 
Rutherford Shoes
Feis Fayre
Bling Brilliance
Head for the World
Jiggity Jig, local solo dressmaker

These can all be found in the GYM which is divided into 3 zones: Grades Stage 2-6, Vendors in the middle, and Champ Stage 1 on the far side. 

We also have a few vendors in the CAFETERIA:
Pop Century, fancy fun cake pops 
New England Autumn Feis T-Shirts
Dunleavy Shaffer School Raffle Items

Plus, of course, all the breakfast & lunch items for sale in the CAFETERIA. 

There will also be a bake sale in the front lobby of the high school. Please help us protect this beautiful venue, and do not bring food or drink, or coolers, into the GYM or AUDITORIUM. 

Thank you!

Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 Stage Schedule is available!

Hi All! 

The revised NE Autumn Feis stage schedule is now available  >PLEASE CLICK HERE< to download or view. We made a minor revision - Boys Open U14/16 are now both shown on Stage 1 at 1pm.  Boys Open Champs can decide whether they want to dance in correct-age Girls Open, or remain separate as a Boys comp (we have only 1 boy U14 and 2 boys U16 entered). 

Here are a few notes: 
We have a new venue this year! Whitman Hanson is a large, newer HS. Please use the FEIS ENTRANCE (Gym Entrance) on the left when looking at front of building. 
The DOUBLE GYM will house Stage 1 (Champs) IN GYM 1 AND Stages 2-6 (Grades/Prelim) in GYM 2 as well as ALL of the VENDORS. 
Stage 7 (Champs) is in the AUDITORIUM. 
Champ awards will be in the CAFETERIA. 
Volunteers will be available to direct you & VENUE MAP will be available - we will post that midweek as soon as it's ready! 
Awards time schedule will be posted.  
Doors open 7:30am, Mass at 7:45am with Father Ryan Duns, SJ. 
The school is set back from the road, behind the fields; look for signage on Rt 27/Franklin St. 
Competitor Card pickup at FEIS ENTRY (Gym Entry). 
Please hang all USED DRESSES in the Vendor Hall, a FREE unsupervised used dress area. 
No COOLERS or FOOD allowed in the GYM or AUDITORIUM. 
Camping is permitted on the track above the DOUBLE GYM and in the hallways but NOT in the GYM.  
Prelim & Open will dance HEAVY SHOE first ~  Please arrive early and be READY to dance at the scheduled time.
Novice & PW Boys have been combined with girls of same age.  

*CHAMP BOYS* may be combined sidestage with next age of Champ Boys OR with Champ Girls same age. Please email us if you want to let us know your preference. Thanks! 
Beginner & Adv Beginner Boys are shown as separate comps on the schedule. 

Please check in at your stage 15-30 minutes early. Competitions MAY start early if all dancers are checked in. 

We are excited and we hope you are too. Thank you for supporting our feis! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

You're in LUCK! The deadline for entries to the New England Autumn Feis has been extended to TOMORROW, Friday, Sept 18! Hope to see you at the feis!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Closing date for entries for the New England Autumn Feis is TOMORROW Thursday, September 17!! Enter at!  With just 10 days to go, we are getting very excited for the feis this year, to be held at the lovely Whitman Hanson High School!

Our feis features a charity treble reel competition, to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand.  For championship dancers, we have a championship trad set competition, as well as 3 rounds for championships, medal rounds in prelim and open and sashes for champ placements.  This feis is one of the few around to offer a music competition!  Musicians can enter via quickfeis or on the day of the feis with cash or credit card.

We have several great vendors, including: Feis Fayre, Rutherford Shoes, Fays Shoes/Mary Devlin, Head for the World, Pop Culture, Bling Brilliance.  Add in a bake sale and raffle to benefit PADS (Parents Association of Dunleavy Shaffer) and you've got even more fun! 

Join us for another fun feis!! Thanks very much! 
Any questions contact us!